Let’s Talk About Portraits


Photo Credit: Joanna Cabangon

I’m back at it with the phone photos.

Today, I’m featuring a beautiful jumpsuit I ordered from Mango online. It has a smocked back with lace-up tassel details, and wide-leg pants that made it easy to move around in. It was one of those wardrobe pieces that was really begging to be taken to a getaway.

Naturally, I imagined wearing it to a more picturesque place. You know, so that I can take that “perfect snap” of my #OOTD to share on social media. Lo and behold, that picture never happened, because real life doesn’t unfold the way our feeds do. And sometimes, you get photos depicting more or less that. Continue reading

Tempering Yellow


Photo Credit: Bryan Caranto

I was initially gunning for a street style shot for this outfit, but my brother abruptly invited us to a photoshoot. So I had my photos taken in the studio instead! (Awkward ko na naman sa shots, pasensya na.)

This cardigan was on sale at H&M last June. I bought it because I thought I needed to add a yellow color to my sartorial repertoire. You see, my wardrobe is a spectrum of monochromes, rosy neutrals, and deep jewel tones. Continue reading

October 2016 Mood


The shortlist of what’s inspiring me this month.

  1. A new pair of eyeglasses, displayed above. I have a hard time finding frames that suit my face (so maybe it’s a good thing that I don’t have to scout for sunglasses at all. I can’t wear them anyway!), but apparently, clubmasters work for me.
  2. Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera, which is my Book of the Month.
  3. Embroidered Denim–I swear, this Fall 2016 trend was made for me.
  4. Coffee dates at Satchmi. I rarely tag places I dine or stay at, but Satchmi deserves a special mention.
  5. How to Get Away with Murder S3something to look forward to every weekend.
  6. Colourpop Baracuda, for a swipe of dusty rose.
  7. Ballerina Flats, Flats with Frills or Ruffles, and Slides with Bow Accents. (I’ll blog about the Fall 2016 shoe trends soon!)
  8. A Horror Movie List for flicks to sit down to come my favorite holiday, Halloween!

School Girl-Chic


Photo Credit: Joanna Cabangon

When it comes to off-duty essentials, denim is a timeless favorite. It came to my mind a little too quickly when I was preparing for a coffee date last Saturday and dressing up on the fly. While it’s not always a groundbreaking option, denim does its job for the weekend: it’s comfortable, it’s chic, and it easily puts an outfit together.

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Cold Weather Wear



Photo Credit: Bryan Caranto


I don’t know about you, but I like to take the opportunity to layer clothes whenever I head to Baguio.

Not that there’s a lot of dimension going on in this outfit. It’s a no-brainer formula: I simply tossed a cardigan, a top, and a pair of trousers on. I wore this to a balikan trip to  Baguio–we traveled there to attend my younger sister’s graduation at UP. With such a simple agenda ahead, I didn’t want to pack or fuss with a lot of layers.

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