“Who am I?” is a question that has been increasingly harder to answer over the years. Back in my teenage years, this used to be my favorite type of essay to write. But time has added so many layers to my identity since, and I’m now stumped to write a page about myself.

Do I describe myself by responsibilities or income? By my favorite breakfast or the time I wake up in the day? By the politician I root for? I can’t be sure. Perhaps this is the reason I hang on to my astrological sign as a starting point, which leads us to the name of this blog.

What’s aqua/rious About?

aqua/rious (never capitalized, no spaces in between, and always with an o) is a blend of my zodiac sign, Aquarius, and the word curious. It’s a space where I chronicle my silly little musings and flex my creativity. I’d say that it works both as a blog and a creative portfolio.

You will see a lot about style, because fashion is my primary creative outlet as of the moment. There are also tidbits about work, travel, and foods here and there, and then some. I’m not flighty about my interests, but I do switch up creative outlets when my previous pursuit does not speak to me anymore.

But I’m always writing, and I’m always thinking, so you will always find me blogging. I have that one constant, at least.

Away From The Blog

When I’m not blogging, I’m very likely writing for other people at the incredibly agency that is Marque Media, where I work. I’m also probably cuddling up with my furry dog, Bailey, who is definitely named after the Irish Cream, or having (not another!) coffee date with my girlfriend. Bisexual is the gender, in such case there is a question.

Other than that, I’m still figuring myself out. To-do lists and my old-school journal keep me sane.


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