Say It With Me: Bond-i

The first thing I learned about Bondi Beach, funnily enough, is how to properly say its name: it’s Bond-i, and not Bond-ee. It took me days to get it consistently right, and at that point, we had already crossed off Bondi Beach from our itinerary.

Commuting to Bondi Beach

We took the train and the bus to Bondi Beach, and while it’s a long ride, it’s far from uncomfortable. The train station you need to stop at is Bondi Junction, and boy, the escalators there were steep. My cousin reported that Singapore stations have equally steep escalators, but I was taken off guard and left in awe.

From Bondi Junction, we took the bus to the beach. It was spring in Sydney then, and locals and tourists alike were catching the bus to chase sunrays at Bondi Beach.

Think Baguio, But With A Beach

Upon arrival, we took some fish and chips to go, and then walked all the way to the beach to hang out for the rest of the afternoon.

I didn’t pack a bathing suit with me at all to my trip to Australia, because I figured beforehand that it would be too cold for a swim in Bondi. And I was right. The weather was as cool as Baguio at night. In fact, I had to wear my cousin’s anorak at first before I finally shrugged it off because, really, I looked a little funny next to swimsuit-clad locals.

But the thing is, people don’t really go there for a swim. Sure, there are surfers and swimmers here and there for a dip, but most of everyone were just out to get a tan. (Guys, come to Manila!)

Posted by:Abby Caranto

Abby Caranto pens digital content for fashion and lifestyle brands. She's a breakfast enthusiast, but her creative energy peaks in the evenings. When she isn't writing, she's probably snuggling with her dog.

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