Well, well, well. Guess who’s got a lot of backlog to clear. I have been a lot more active on Instagram lately–obviously it was a quicker way to update my friends with what’s going on. I spend much of my writing energy on my job, so this blog has effectively fallen to the wayside. Last month was especially busy for me, but that’s for another post.

Moving on to this one-shoulder top that I first wore in like, August: if you had asked the ten-year-old me to wear a frilly top,Β  I would have flinched. I liked to fill up my cart with boxy jackets and cargo pants as a kid, a shopping decision that made my mom mutter, “Para kang lalaki.” (To her credit, I did grow up and identify more accurately as bisexual.)

But it’s not so much because I was boyish–it was more like I wanted to differ from all the girls in my class who wore jelly sandals and frilly tops and sleek leggings. Forward to over a decade later, I resisted the bare shoulder trend for two years until THIS top.

If I have to be frank about it, I am into feminine details. I gravitate a lot towards lace when picking out dresses, but ruffles, when done with the right material and silhouette, are also a winner in my book. This one-shoulder floral top in a romantic nude color did me in. Up close, the chiffon material actually had specks of gold–details which made it extra lovely. And did I mention that I got this top on sale? I mean, I’m not going to lie about it. Things look prettier when they’re on sale.

To offset the femininity of the top, I paired it with my favorite black jeans and a sleek pair of black oxfords. Finishing the look was my wool beret, which simply added so much more character.

Posted by:Abby Caranto

Editor and writer based in Manila. Introvert by nature, extrovert by liquor.

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