What a crazy month it has been. This June, I moved to a new place, celebrated my anniversary with my partner, and had erratic writing assignments at work. Not to mention, lots of freelance projects. Here are the little things that brightened me up while I was swamped with to-do’s!

1. “Worn is reclaiming fashion as something that can be exciting, challenging, different, quirky, interesting, not just as something you have to consume.” – Jane Pratt

I was in the bookstore to buy clay for my baby sister, and ended up getting this book as well. Best part is I was expecting to pay P1500, but apparently the book was on sale. I only had to hand over a total of less than P500!

2. Relaxed jeans. The obsession over this silhouette started in later May and was sparked by these deconstructed jeans from Mango. I thought it was too pricey, so I resorted to look for cheaper options, and the hunt continued well into June. I sorted through various denim iterations: mom, boyfriend, cigar. Had to ping customer service several times and ask for leg measurements before I hit ADD TO CART. (Yes, I had limited time to make trips to the mall and cannot wait to find my pair of relaxed jeans.)

Ended up getting this one from Mango. I love it. Hugs me in all the right places.

3. Getting back on the fitness track. I used to workout and eat clean three years ago to cope with depression. Now I’m getting back at it, starting with gentle workouts, as a way to destress. And get a Kim K. Ass.

4. Portraiture. Love, love this work by Wesley Taylor. 

5. Newspaper boy caps. If I only have two caps to keep in my wardrobe, it’s a newspaper boy cap and a beret. I’d keep them for life.

6. Game of Thrones. I’ve been spoiled, but I’m still enjoying the show. It’s that good.

7. Essenso coffee. My June was a cycle of “I can’t wait to go to bed and wake up tomorrow so I can have a cup of Essenso coffee.” The grocery near my old place carries this, and I have yet to discover if they’re available somewhere else.

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