I saw this gingham shirt on local street style brand, Copper. I was surprised it hasn’t sold out yet despite being an old item—in fact it’s still available on Copper’s website as of writing. I’m not necessarily claiming that my tastes in clothing flow in the same current as the market’s, but this gingham shirt, with its modern puffed sleeves, is an oversized-top-fit-bottom dream: an ensemble that has its fair share of Pinterest popularity.

Then again, I’m a girl who likes oversized tops. Tucked into high-waist bottoms, it’s an effortlessly stylish silhouette that really suits my figure. I have a rather small torso, well-maintained love handles, and what-used-to-be-nice gams that have been bulking up over the last couple of months, thanks to all the delicious carbs I’ve been eating and lethargic sitting I’ve been doing. But I can manipulate my figure with my clothes, and I enjoy that aspect of dressing up.

(Disclaimer: I do not promote lack of exercise, haha! Get your sweat sessions in—it’s GREAT for your body not just on a physical level, but on a mental level as well! I’ve been trying to get back on being active for the past couple of weeks, too. Healthy habits are an investment, really.)

Gingham Top: Copper – Faux Leather Skirt: H&M – Loafer Mules: Zalora – Messenger Bag (old): Ebay

Photos: Joanna Cabangon

Posted by:maribbycaranto

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