Let’s serve this right up: I like shopping, but I don’t like buying things on impulse. I take nearly an entire day prowling around boutiques, making a round or three (three, really) and taking a good look at everything. Then I come back to the leather skirt or silky dress that I mentally FAVORITED! during the earlier leg of my shopping trip to see if the item looks as lovely the third time as it did the first time.

If it still makes my heart beat fast, I’ll probably try it on, check myself out in the fitting room, and return the clothes to the staff. I leave the store and bring home nothing.

I don’t come back to tempt myself again the next day. Instead, I wait at least two weeks before visiting the store again. If I wake up to the thought of that skirt or that dress 14 days after, it probably deserves a place in my closet.

You see, I pick the things that I buy carefully. I do this because I simply cannot afford purchasing something I would regret later on. I like the idea that I appreciate and use everything I own. That I can love them for the years to come. That I’d struggle packing them into bags if I have to evacuate due to a calamity—that scares me very, very much, by the way, because I have lots of books and clothes! But simply put, I like to look at my possessions and say, “That’s lovely and that’s useful.”

Sometimes, though, there are things that come right up and prove they’re an exception. That’s the case for this skirt. The funniest thing is, I was looking for a top I could wear to a job interview (I’ll probably make a post about that) when I spotted this ultra-cute gingham skirt. Its energy reminded me of nice things about the summer season, like relishing a tall cup of halo-halo—sold by a neighbor—in the scorching heat. I knew that I just had to have it.

It was a very, very rare experience and a very, very impulsive buy, considering that it was the farthest thing from what I intended to shop in the first place. But I love it. I still open my wardrobe and get excited when I see the crisp check print sandwiched between other clothes that I equally adore.

Gingham Skirt: H&M – ‘Marvel’ Shirt: Uniqlo – Yellow Neckerchief: Parfois – Loafer Mules: Zalora – Denim Jacket: H&M

Photos: Joanna Cabangon

P.S. I’m itching to revamp this blog. Haha. Soon!


Posted by:maribbycaranto

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