Plants on Pink
Photo Credit: @skalagas via @plantsonpink

Breaking the blogging hiatus with this month’s favorites.

  1. “Pink has a history of being such a polarizing color, relegated to Barbies and bubble gum, and that’s changing for political reasons as opposed to aesthetic ones. It’s a question of ownership, and I think that’s very exciting.” – Why Millenial Pink Refuses to Go Away on NY Mag
  2. This action-packed essay on Costco that got into 5 Ivy League Schools, as well as Stanford University, by a girl who writes better than me, a creative writing graduate. Ha! (Note: This is old news. I just dug it up because I wanted to read it again. Still thrilled me!)
  3. Dresses and other uber-chic summer staples from Faithfull the Brand, all of which I wish I could magically transport from my screen to my wardrobe. (Ang mahal, beh! Titigan ko na lang!)
  4. St. Marc’s Vietnamese coffee, a.k.a. the only iced coffee drink I will ever consume (until further notice).
  5. There’s a lot of “live your dream” and “do what makes you happy” propaganda out there — but that’s wildly unrealistic and reserved for the privileged few. Do what makes you wacky. Do what’s character building. Do what makes you interesting. Do what’s humbling. Do you the best you can. Life isn’t short; it’s long as hell. Take your time.”  – Margaret Meehan on Musings of Krav
  6. This game-changing Instagram account that produces no-BS reviews on various skincare and beauty products and plays with lights and shadows to create gorgeous photos.
  7. We Are Imaginary finally released a music video for local Spotify favorite, A Good Kind of Sad!
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