Holiday schedule is tight, so here’s a quick  style blog!

I usually gravitate towards deep jewel tones and festive sequins for holiday outfits, but for Christmas this year, I wore a fresh, pastel ensemble—a nod to the Pantone Colors of 2016.

The entire get-up was inspired by the buttondown skirt, really. I was out at the mall hunting for a new pair of jeans, but I didn’t find any that flattered my frame. Then, I spotted this skirt, slipped into it, and knew in an instant that it would complement more than three items in my closet. Also, it got me doing a little twirl in the fitting room. That’s what sealed the deal for me.

I shop for HOURS because every piece of clothing that catches my eye undergoes a mental checklist. It’s a criteria of sorts, something by which I gauge how versatile an item is and how frequently I can see myself wearing it. Of course, there’s the price tag, the fit, and the material quality, too. I was charmed by this skirt while I was in the dressing room, but fell in love with it even more when I tried it again at home. In other words, I had no regrets purchasing it as an alternative to jeans!

The first thing I paired this buttondown skirt with was this swan print top in rose quartz. It matches, obviously. It’s your basic shirt-and-maxi-skirt formula, but the patterns and palette played the ensemble up. The light, soft hues are also appropriate for a Christmas party held during the day. Overall, the look was spritely and athletic.

P.S. Ganda ng shots ni Kuya Bryan, ang pangit ko lang talaga. Haha.

Swan Print Shirt: Promod – Stripe Buttondown Skirt: Mango – Crossbody Bag: Zalora – Bracelet: Parfois

Photos: Bryan Caranto

Photo Credit: Bryan Caranto
Photo Credit: Bryan Caranto
Posted by:maribbycaranto

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