Photo Credit: Bryan Caranto

I was initially gunning for a street style shot for this outfit, but my brother abruptly invited us to a photoshoot. So I had my photos taken in the studio instead! (Awkward ko na naman sa shots, pasensya na.)

This cardigan was on sale at H&M last June. I bought it because I thought I needed to add a yellow color to my sartorial repertoire. You see, my wardrobe is a spectrum of monochromes, rosy neutrals, and deep jewel tones. Yellow doesn’t strike me as a go-to color, and there isn’t a shred of this buttery shade in my wardrobe. Moreover, it’s tricky to wear. But that’s exactly why I bought it.

Photo Credit: Bryan Caranto

The easiest way to wear yellow is by pairing it with black and white basics. Monochromatic colors tend to temper the color and make it a lot more wearable. I wore a white cutout crop top, black jeans, and black ballet flats (not shown; I couldn’t step on fur wearing them!) with this cardigan. The long cardigan added fluidity to my outfit. My accessories didn’t stray far from the color palette: I primarily donned gold metals and deep blues.

It helps that this cardigan was in a shade of marigold–the warmer tone looks more natural on my skin and suits me better than brighter yellow.

There are, of course, other colors you can wear yellow with: blues, grays, creams. If you’re up for something fresher and more offbeat, try pairing dusty pink with yellow. I personally love this color combination and would try it if I get the chance!

Before I end this blog, I just want to say that this cardigan, billowy as it was, got caught in between the gear and the wheels (I hate to say it, but I wasn’t sure which part exactly!) of the tricycle we rode heading to the studio. Para maimagine niyo, nakasakay ako sa likod ng tricycle. (Non-Filipino readers: imagine me sitting on the back of a motorcycle.)

I initially considered gathering the hem of my cardigan in my hands at the start of the ride. Kaso, inassume kong hindi naman siguro sasabit.

The cardigan is made of chiffon, and emerged with a couple of tears–and LOTS of grease–after the incident. The lesson? Wag kang diva sa tricycle. (Joke lang.)  But seriously–collect your hems!

Crop Top: SM – Skinny Jeans: Mango – Duster Cardigan: H&M – Rings and Necklace: H&M – Earrings: Forever 21

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