I’m not the first blogger to gush about Dapitan Arcade, and I would have never heard of this place if not for blogs, too. Dapitan Arcade is a discreet market along Kanlaon street that sells shabby-chic furniture and decor. It’s basically Pinterest at your reach, and it attracts so many stylists and collectors.


Porcelain vase and cup. Three of the black and white chevron print cup can be purchased for Php 100 only! I had other things to buy, though, so I only got one. I’m not yet sure if I will use it for pens and pencils or for quick mug cakes, because it’s labeled as microwave oven-safe. (Fantastic, if you ask me.)


I was specifically on the lookout for printed, “vintage” plates like these. I only found a few of them, though, and really had to keep a good eye out. The “Italy” plate was the last piece and already had a couple of dents (visible if you look closely), so of course I had to get it. I personally loved the dents; it made the plate look a little shabbier. It’s also microwave oven-safe, but the best part is I got it for only Php 50! The mason jar was also for Php 50. There are more copies of those in other stores in Dapitan Arcade, but the dining ware store at the facade of Dapitan Arcade sells the cheapest.


More vintage plates. The blue gray plates were not on display. They were on the floor, and couldn’t be easily seen unless you’re really looking for more plates of their kind.


I actually have plans to DIY lamps this year, among them lighthouse lamps (and no, the idea did not sprout from Pinterest, although I will not be surprised if guides to DIYing lighthouse lamps have already been released by someone else on the Internet). But then I found this lighthouse lamp in one of the stores, and the only thing that helped me resist it was the fact that it was not among the initial list of things I wanted to buy. That was at first. And I think there’s no need to say how that story ended.

Posted by:Abby Caranto

Abby Caranto pens digital content for fashion and lifestyle brands. She's a breakfast enthusiast, but her creative energy peaks in the evenings. When she isn't writing, she's probably snuggling with her dog.

One thought on “Quick blog: Dapitan Arcade Finds

  1. Lucky I came across this! Never heard of Dapitan Arcade before. I will need house stuff pretty soon pa naman. At SM they sell plates for like P100 each!


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