May 2017 Mood

Avocado Smoothie Bowl

Post is a little late into the month, but here you go. I’m crazy for these things lately:

  1. Coconut Mango Cheesecake from Kuppa Roastery and Cafe. I never use the phrase “slice of heaven” when describing food because quite frankly, no dish or dessert has given me the impression of paradise until I had a forkful of this slice of heaven. I happily travel through all seven train stops just to visit this cafe—their coffee and dishes have kept me coming back the past few weeks! 
  2. Witch Hazel Facial Mist from Beauty Bakery, oh my god. A few spritzes of this sweet-scented mist lifts my mood. This is my ultimate pick-me-up for the scorching summer season.
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy Volumes 1 and 2. By extension, both films’ killer soundtracks that get all the good vibes going (Vol. 1 soundtrack here and Vol. 2 soundtrack here). I took this quiz on Buzzfeed to find out which GotG character I am based on my song choices, and I got Nebula. No complains from my end, but I’m not sure about the accuracy of my results because I did not know all of the song choices in that quiz. Hah!
  4. Smoothies and smoothie bowls. My first attempt (avocado smoothie bowl, as shown above) isn’t your typical Insta-worthy bowl, but it sure tasted good. Then again, you can rarely go wrong with a smoothie mixture, right?
  5. Dreamy dresses from Réalisation Par. I adore this one and this one.
  6. High-waist vintage jeans—not within my entry-level writer budget, but absolutely decadent. Visit Persephone Vintage for charming vintage finds.  The shop features items from Levi’s and Calvin Klein to name a few.
  7. “What I found really interesting about Kawakubo’s clothes is that although from the outside some people might think that they’re unwearable, they totally are [wearable]. My first real close encounter with Kawakubo’s clothes was when we borrowed things for the Punk exhibition. It was then that I realized she completely understood dressmaking and tailoring techniques in a beautiful way. And she understood historical fashion techniques, and she’s been able to completely, in a sense, obliterate [them] through using them.” – From this Vogue write-up on the genius of Rei Kawakubo, as elaborated by a conservator and written by .

Owning It

I was initially hesitant to get out of the house clad in this outfit. After getting dressed, I had to stay a good 20 minutes in my bedroom, standing in front of the mirror and studying the details of what I was wearing. My mind oscillated between the length of my short shorts and the best transportation method I could get to cover myself and minimize the attention I could receive in these short shorts.

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Going Gingham

Let’s serve this right up: I like shopping, but I don’t like buying things on impulse. I take nearly an entire day prowling around boutiques, making a round or three (three, really) and taking a good look at everything. Then I come back to the leather skirt or silky dress that I mentally FAVORITED! during the earlier leg of my shopping trip to see if the item looks as lovely the third time as it did the first time. Continue reading

March 2017 Mood

Plants on Pink

Photo Credit: @skalagas via @plantsonpink

Breaking the blogging hiatus with this month’s favorites.

  1. “Pink has a history of being such a polarizing color, relegated to Barbies and bubble gum, and that’s changing for political reasons as opposed to aesthetic ones. It’s a question of ownership, and I think that’s very exciting.” – Why Millenial Pink Refuses to Go Away on NY Mag
  2. This action-packed essay on Costco that got into 5 Ivy League Schools, as well as Stanford University, by a girl who writes better than me, a creative writing graduate. Ha! (Note: This is old news. I just dug it up because I wanted to read it again. Still thrilled me!)
  3. Dresses and other uber-chic summer staples from Faithfull the Brand, all of which I wish I could magically transport from my screen to my wardrobe. (Ang mahal, beh! Titigan ko na lang!)
  4. St. Marc’s Vietnamese coffee, a.k.a. the only iced coffee drink I will ever consume (until further notice).
  5. There’s a lot of “live your dream” and “do what makes you happy” propaganda out there — but that’s wildly unrealistic and reserved for the privileged few. Do what makes you wacky. Do what’s character building. Do what makes you interesting. Do what’s humbling. Do you the best you can. Life isn’t short; it’s long as hell. Take your time.”  – Margaret Meehan on Musings of Krav
  6. This game-changing Instagram account that produces no-BS reviews on various skincare and beauty products and plays with lights and shadows to create gorgeous photos.
  7. We Are Imaginary finally released a music video for local Spotify favorite, A Good Kind of Sad!

Ringing in the New Year


Photo Credit: Bryan Caranto

Glamming up for New Year is non-negotiable for me. I usually stay at home with the rest of my family, but I’m not welcoming in a new year and watching fireworks in a slouchy tee!

That said, this is the outfit I came up with for New Year’s Eve. Except, I wasn’t able to wear it on NYE. Originally, I was expecting to celebrate with more members of the family from my father’s side, but then I learned that they had plans to welcome 2017 somewhere else. So I went for something a little more low-key for the evening—particularly, a cold-shoulder top and jeans.

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Last Hurrah


Holiday schedule is tight, so here’s a quick  style blog!

I usually gravitate towards deep jewel tones and festive sequins for holiday outfits, but for Christmas this year, I wore a fresh, pastel ensemble—a nod to the Pantone Colors of 2016.

The entire get-up was inspired by the buttondown skirt, really. I was out at the mall hunting for a new pair of jeans, but I didn’t find any that flattered my frame. Then, I spotted this skirt, slipped into it, and knew in an instant that it would complement more than three items in my closet. Also, it got me doing a little twirl in the fitting room. That’s what sealed the deal for me.

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Photo Credit: Joanna Cabangon


This outfit is what happens when you invest in good basics.

I banned myself from shopping this November (it went well!), so I worked with what I already have in my wardrobe for office wear and weekend ensembles. I have a good mix of trends and classics in my wardrobe, and most of them have a wear-now, wear-later allure. Which means that  I can find  fresh ways to wear them over and over again, the way I did with this slip-dress-over-a-tee outfit. Continue reading